I’ve tried the last night to move my VMWare Machines to Hyper-V get in trouble with my Windows Server 2003 *bahhh*

The main problem was Hyper-V does not recognice SCSI Disks as Bootable, so my Macine was installed on a SCSI Disk.

So if you convert your .vmdk into .vhd container you’ll get a blue screen error while boot the system.

After some searching i’ve found a solutin for this problem, the issue is you dosn’t have a ide driver loaded to the system i’ve fixed this by addind a IDE virtual disk to my machine an run it once again.

Well now there are the instructions:

  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. Add a new IDE device to your VM (the size dosn’t matter) and make sure you have select Adapter: IDE0 Device:0 in the settings.
  3. Start the machine and take a look into the device managment your IDE disk should be there
  4. Uninstall your VMWare tools
  5. shutdown the machine
  6. Download VM Toolkit
  7. Convert your .vmdk to .vhd disk

Hope this help sombody ūüôā