In the administration area you can easily manage your calendars, you can also use different Google API keys for each calendar. The calendar entries will than be later selectable within the Componente and modules.

Component control panel

Component calendar Overview

Component calendar edit form

The component provides a calendar view based on the calendars that you have selected.
There are 3 display modes them within the calendar view available (month, week, day) are, the events are also displayed in the respective stored color.

The following functions can be individually configured and customized:

  • A tooltip that appears by an mouseover of a event entry.
  • The handling of the details view for an event  can be displayed either in a modal window or a single page.

Component Calendar View:
Calendar View

Component Site Configuration:
Component - Site Basic options

Component - Site Event options

The modules also enable you calendar functions to be integrated within a specific page and position(s).

Currently the following modules are available:

  • Calendar Module
  • Upcoming Events Module

Calendar Module:
Module calendar view

Upcoming Events Module:
Module Upcoming Events default layout
Module Upcoming Events simple layout