Easy Calendar is a fully responsive native Joomla calendar extension based on Google calendar integration.

This extension and their addons allows you to integrate one or more Google Calendars within your Joomla CMS-based websites.

Find a quick overview of the functionalities including screenshots here.

Prerequisites & Compatibility:

  • PHP >= 7.4+
  • Joomla 4.0+
  • Joomla 3.4+ (EOL since version 1.4)

Available languages:
German, English, French, Spanish

  • Joomla! 4.0+ extension

  • Full responsive
  • Support for Bootstrap 4 & Bootstrap 5 based Templates

  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple calendars on a single page
  • Calendar Month, week, day views
  • Display Tooltips with calendar event details
  • Display Event details within a single page or Modal Window
  • Changeable color for each calendar
  • Google map integration
  • Customizable Styles
  • Download event as Outlook (iCal) or create a copy within your Google Calendar (only PRO)

  • Calendar can be used as a component and as a module as well (only PRO)
  • Upcoming events module (only PRO)

Easy GCalendar PRO

Easy GCalendar PRO

Purchase Easy GCalendar PRO with all features included.



Easy GCalendar Lite

Easy GCalendar Lite

Download and Install the Easy GCalendar. Easy GCalendar Lite (22172 downloads )



3112, 2023

Easy GCalendar v2.0.2

[X] Fixed PHP 8 warnings
[X] Fixed start and end date limiter for upcoming event module

2205, 2023

Easy GCalendar v2.0.0

[N] Version 2.0.x has been rewritten to support Joomla 4+
[N] !!! Attention there is no support for Joomla 3 installations and a migration to Joomla 4 within version 2.0.
[N] Since version 2.0 we only support templates with bootstrap 4 and 5, the support of BS3 has been discontinued!
[N] Version 1.4.x has been set to deprecated with this release and will be EOL with Joomla 3

611, 2022

Easy GCalendar v1.4.0

[N] Updated PHP support to >= 7.4
[N] Update of FullCalendar component to 4.4.2.
[N] Changed tooltips to popper and tippy js
[N] Added spanish language files

212, 2018

Easy GCalendar v1.3.0

[N] iCal Downloads button for event FOR the PRO version.
[N] Copy to Google Calendar button FOR the PRO version.
[N] Print button for events.
[B] Fixed compatibility issues on Google Search Console for events.

306, 2018

Easy GCalendar v1.2.8

[B] Fixed an object not found js issue within IE10-11.
[B] Fixed an self ref issue within calendar.js

304, 2018

Easy GCalendar v1.2.5

[B] Fixed a https issue with Google-Maps URL.
[B] Fixed a calendar events source issue in case of multiple sub level items within the Url.
[N] The Security token check is not longer used for event details cause of cache issues.
[X] Updated FullCalendar components to version 3.9.0.

3010, 2017

Easy GCalendar v1.2.4

[N] The posibility to display the creator name within the event details.
[N] The posibility to display the attachment(s) within the event details.
[B] Fixed upcomming events filter issue.

1008, 2017

Easy GCalendar v1.2.3

[X] Added Map settings to support a seperate Google JavaScript API Key.
[X] Added Calendar column format settings.
[B] Fixed CSRF caching issue.