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Setup Hyper-V 2012 Replica with Certificate Based Authentication

Pre requirements MakeCert is a MS certificate creation tool which generates self-singed certificates for testing purpose. We will need the makecert.exe to generate our self-singed certificates. (More Information’s could be found here https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/desktop/aa386968.aspx) Test Environment Our Test environment has two servers without a domain that mean we will use a basic Workgroup setup for this HowTo (if the two servers will be part of the domain a replica with SSL setup you could leave out Step 5). Our setup looks like the following: Hyper-V Host 1 [VMH01] (Primary) Hyper-V Host 2 [VMH02] (Secondary) 1. Creation of the root certificate In the first step we will create a root certificate that both servers can use. Run the following command on our primary Host VMH01 to create a self-signed root certificate. makecert -pe -n "cn=TestHyperVRootCA" -ss root -sr localmachine -sky signature -r "TestHyperVRootCA.cer" The command will install in the certificate into the [...]

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