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Convert Windows Server 2003 vmware .vmdk to Hyper-V .vhd

I've tried the last night to move my VMWare Machines to Hyper-V get in trouble with my Windows Server 2003 *bahhh* The main problem was Hyper-V does not recognice SCSI Disks as Bootable, so my Macine was installed on a SCSI Disk. So if you convert your .vmdk into .vhd container you'll get a blue screen error while boot the system. After some searching i've found a solutin for this problem, the issue is you dosn't have a ide driver loaded to the system i've fixed this by addind a IDE virtual disk to my machine an run it once again. Well now there are the instructions: Shutdown the VM Add a new IDE device to your VM (the size dosn't matter) and make sure you have select Adapter: IDE0 Device:0 in the settings. Start the machine and take a look into the device managment your IDE disk should be [...]

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