To enable the required Google API functionality for to the Google Calendar please follow the instruction below. First of all, it must logon in with an existing account to or create a new one.

After successful login, you will see the API Manager – Dashboard her you could find a quick overview of usage statistics and a list of all enabled API’s for your account.

To enabled a new API please click on “Enabled API” you could than search for Calendar API and add it to your list of enabled APIs.

After you’ve added the Google Calendar API you also need to add credentials for it. Please navigate to the Credentials Overview within the API Manager you should than find your now key there.

If you do not yet have a Credentials, you must create a new entry via “Create credantials” DropDown chose “API Key” a new Key will be automatically generated we will then continue with with Restricting the Key to prevent unauthorized use.

Within the Credentials Details you could set a Name for management purposes but much more important you could give the key a restriction. For the usage with Easy GCcalendar you could chose IP addresses cause the communication of the component with the api will be handeld in the background from server to server.