SNMP (v3) Monitoring with Debian & Ubuntu

With Version 3 of the SNMP Protocol Security comes to SNMP which makes a lot of things smarter but also a bit more complicate to configure. That is why I would like to give a small introduction How-To setup SNMP v3 within this blog article for all Debian and Ubuntu Linux Environments. Installing SNMP (daemon and agent) First at all we need to installing SNMP (daemon and agent) packages on the server: apt-get install snmp snmpd After the successful installation we could start to define SNMPv3 users, authentication and encryption parameters. The following NEW security levels could be used with SNMPv3: noAuthNoPriv – No authorisation and no encryption authNoPriv – Authorisation is required but collected data sent over the network is not encrypted. authPriv – Authorisation required and everything sent over the network is encrypted. Let’s start with the configuration: Open the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf with an editor of your choice.  Be [...]

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